The aim of this blog is to give information about Turkey and Turkish people: The cities of Turkey, Turkish food, the daily life in Turkey, Turkish celebrities, Turkish dramas and movies; that is, literally “everything about Turkey”. If you are curious about Turkey and Turkish people, feel free to wander across the pages of this blog and ask us anything that comes to your mind. And in fact, here are a few questions we Turkish people face most of the time (if you are a beginner on Turkey 😛 😀 ):

– So, are u guys Arab or what?

No, Turkish people are ethnically different from Arabic people. In fact, there is quite a vast range of ethnicities within Turkey: Turkish, Kurdish, Bosnian, Laz, Circassian, Albenian, Arabic, Syrian, Georgian, Armenian and Jewish people live altogether. Also, Turkish race is a wide spectrum: There are Turkish people who are blonde with blue eyes (check out Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ in the “Turkish stars” category!), and the ones with dark hair, tanned-skin. You could even find Turks resebmling Chinese people: fair skin with slanting eyes! But in general, Turkish people are Mediterranean people and look quite alike with Greek, Spanish, Italian or other Mediterranean nations.

– Do you have many deserts in Turkey? Do you ride on camels?

No, there is not even a single desert in Turkey, and no camels (except for the ones that serve the curious tourists in touristic places). Again, confusion with Saudi Arabia.

– So can the Turkish guys marry 4 women? Do you get married at very early ages?

No, Turkey is a secular democratic country with modern laws. Neither can a man marry more than 1 woman, nor a woman can marry more than 1 man. (the second would have been lovely, though… Yes, I am a woman 🙂 ) In the educated parts of the society, the age for marriage is on average 24-25 for women, 26-27 for men. But unfortunately there are still marriages at early ages like 17-18 in rural areas (though marriage before 16 is legally forbidden).

– Do all women have to wear headscarf in Turkey? 

No, it is up to you and your religious views. If you are a woman who wants to strictly obey all rules of Islam, you may wear the headscarf. But there are as many women (maybe even more) who do not wear the headscarf as the ones who wear.

As we said, this blog involves everything about Turkey. But that’s not all: You could also read some Hollywood and Far Eastern drama/movie reviews and other stuff in here. If you’d like to learn what Turkish people think about these stuff, check it out in here! 😉


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