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Behzat Ç. is a an action-drama TV show which is aired on the Turkish TV channel Star TV. So far, its first season is complete with a total of 38 episodes.

Behzat Ç. is a book-adaptation from the thriller series of a young Turkish author, Emrah Serbes. The story is about liteunant Behzat Ç, who is in command of the Homicide division in Ankara Police Headquarters. Lieutenant Behzat, who is in his early 40s, is a brave and a very honest man. But since he refuses to “play the game according to the rules”, he is stuck at the level of lieutenant and could not get the promotions he deserved in spite of his successful career. Moreover, in his personal life he is quite the “loser”: He has made many mistakes in his relationship with his daughter and he very much suffers/will suffer from these mistakes: In fact, a very tragic event is just waiting him around the corner, as early as at the end of the first episode (which corresponds to the first book of the series completely).

Despite having been aired just for one season, Behzat Ç. has become quite a phenomenon in Turkey already: Its success is attributed to the “natural” way the characters are depicted, and its courageous tone in dealing with some recent developments in the country (for instance, during the recent two years Turkish public has been divided to two over a political case called “Ergenekon”, where a number of famous ex-politicians, army members and journalists are accused of being involved in some dark plot against the current government. Behzat Ç. involved some of these claims in a few episodes, and was quite successful in the neutral and objective way it deals with this delicate issue). Some murder stories are very interesting and complicated; but the real reason to watch the show is its wonderful, rich and colorful characters: Aside from Behzat, the other members of the homicide bureau and the relations among them present the audience a great show to enjoy! (Actually, if you really would like to know Turkish people and in particular the Turkish police inside out, you shouldn’t miss this show since this is by far the most realistic show I have ever seen on Turkish TVs!) On the top of it, the wonderful season finale has been among the best season finales I have ever seen (in my list, there are Dexter’s 4th season finale and Lost’s 1st season finale… Yes, this show has climbed its way up to the high standards of the other two shows!) Although it might be early to say this at the end of the first season, I am still pretty sure that Behzat Ç. will remain to be one of the best shows on Turkish TVs ever.


Behzat Ç. (Erdal Beşikçioğlu): Smart and honest police chief officer. We could not learn his surname throughout the first season (and in fact, it is probably left to the imagination of the audience, as an allusion to the freedom fighter Che). He is accused by his leftist activist ex-girlfriend with “by being among the bad guys, becoming a bad guy himself”. But as the tagline of the TV series goes: “The good cannot be known at first glance.”

Bahar (Ayça Varlıer): Ex-girlfriend of Behzat, a divorceé with two children. After many years of separation, the two meet with each other by coincidence. Will the flames of an old love re-ignite, or is this unfinished love story bound to end inevitably?

Harun Sinanoğlu (Fatih Artman): The 30-year old sergeant is famous for his “bearishness” (if he were American, he would definitely be a redneck! 😀 :D) He is obsessively in love with another member of the homicide bureau: Eda. (I should also add that Fatih Artman, who gives life to this character, is just a very young actor at his 22! He is very good despite his young age, though…)

Akbaba (Berkan Şal): His nickname, Akbaba, means “vulture” in Turkish. No, he hasn’t taken this name because of his looks (although, he could very well have been!): He is totally in love with his job, listening to the police radio and hoping to catch a “homicide!” announce. He could tell the cause of death in a split second just like a forensic specialist.

Hayalet (İnanç Konukçu): Perhaps the most “normal” member of the bureau 😀 His nickname Hayalet means “Ghost” in Turkish. He is very kind and helpful. Unfortunately, he is very unlucky in his love life: The first woman he fell in love with was charged with killing her husband and sent to prison. His second love was a journalist – and guess what: she was accused of being involved in the “Ergenekon” case and was also sent to prison! Poor guy… *sigh*

Prosecutor Esra (Canan Ergüder): Beautiful, successful and a fearless prosecutor. She is perhaps the definition of “ideal woman”! Although she is superior to Behzat, she cannot help herself fall in love with him…

Berna Ç (Hazal Kaya): Behzat’s 20-year old daughter. Has daddy issues -and some more.

Şevket Ç (Ege Aydan): Older brother of Behzat. Manager of a big AVM. He is trying to protect his little brother from the dirty ways of the world, but this little brother is just too stubborn to listen to him! The scenes between Behzat and Sevket are by far the most funny scenes of the show 😀 (I love this big man, he is one of my favorite characters)

Şule (Ayça Eren):  The mysterious college student who suddenly and unexpectedly enters Behzat’s life; even starts to live with him! Behzat is fond of this cute and funny girl, and protects her like a father. Şule is lively, smart, and a very funny girl… at least, appears to be so.

Within the members of the homicide bureau are also young and beautiful Eda (Seda Bakan), her boyfriend playboy Selim (Hakan Hatipoğlu), and “mama’s boy” Cevdet (Berke Üzrek) who is an agricultural engineer but could not find any other job and ended up at the homicide!

Here is the opening song (in fact, the entire soundtrack, composed by a Turkish rock band Pilli Bebek, is very good: You should check it out in grooveshark or fizy if you enjoy rock music):

And a teaser:

You could watch the episodes online from the channel’s official website (without any subtitles, though):