Turkish people are mid-Asia oriented. At the earlier dates of their history, they lived in tents and were nomads. In time, they have spread from Central Asia to all over the world, and most were settled in Caucasia and Anatolia from 10th century A.D. on. This migration pattern shaped the culture of the Turkish people, and brought out some national characteristics in particular: The two main trademarks of the Turkish people are their hospitality and close family bonds…

Hospitality is one of the cornerstones of the Turkish life style. Turkish people are very gracious and generous hosts as a result of their tradition. In every corner of the country, you will meet this sort of a traditional hospitality. Every individual feels bound to honor his guest in the best possible manner. They will open their houses to every guest with a smiling face and give the best seat and cook the best food for their guest with all their sincerity. Turkish people are very understanding about foreigners’ different customs and they try to communicate in order to help visitors according to their code of hospitality. The mentality of that hospitality is “whatever religion you are from, whichever country you come from, whatever language you speak, you are ‘God’s Guest’ ,” so you deserve to be welcomed in the best manner.

Family relations are also very important for Turks. They respect their elder and support each other in every way. Fathers and Mothers do support their children financially until they get married. When the child gets married, the financial support may continue but it is expected that the new family could earn enough and manage their own livings. Children do care very much about their elders. They take care of their elders and support them when they get old or sick, both financially and mentally. This close nature of family bonds is like a boomerang: the elder support their children when they are young, the children support their elder when they are old…

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