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Hello everyone !

Do you wanna learn Turkish or Turkish culture or something about Turkey? Then,you are in right place . Welcome to my blog about Turkey.I love Turkey so much and i wanna introduce to world.Well, lets start our first lesson 🙂

Today, i will teach you  Turkish alphabet.The Turkish alphabet contains 29 letters. There are 8 vowels and 21 consonants. Although letters Q, W, X do not appear, there are 6 more letters, namely; Ç, Ğ, Ş, Ö, Ü, I. The other letters are the same in both alphabets, but they are pronounced differently.You can listen from video..Listen Carefully 🙂

NOTE: There is no word that begins with the letter Ğ in Turkish.

A – a   as in  “ugly “

B – be  as in  “bell”

C – ce  as in  “jealous”

Ç – çe  as in “chair”

D – de  as in  “decade”

E – e   as in  “elephant”

F – fe  as in  “federal”

G – ge  as in  “get”

Ğ – ğe*

H – he  as in  “helicopter”

I – ı  as in “number”

İ – i   as in  “insect”

J – je  as in  “azure” (garaj = garage, pronounced as in French & English)

K – ke  as in “kettle”

L – le  as in  “leg”

M – me  as in “men”

N – ne  as in  “never”

O – o   as in  “orchestra”

Ö – ö   as in “urge”

P – pe  as in  “pen”

R – re  as in  “red”

S – se  as in  “sell”

Ş – şe  as in  “shelf”

T – te  as in  “telephone”

U – u  as in  “oops!”

Ü – ü  as in “fruit, nude”

V – ve  as in  vegetable”

Y – ye  as in  yes”

Z – ze  as in  “zebra”